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Hurst History Study Group Newsletter July 2006


Our Family Database (Database Gedcom)
We have just uploaded to our website the latest version of our database which contains over 14,500 entries. Every entry for births before 1906 now shows a year (even if this is only an estimate) – this serves to stack the entries in chronological order and has revealed a great deal of duplication which has now been eliminated.

As you know we welcome such mini gedcoms and to avoid confusion we now include a dummy entry in the database with the surname prefix HHSG where members have submitted their mini-gedcom already. My entries are thus Anthony Bower and Anthony HHSG-Bower.

In submitting such data please be aware that some people prefer to omit dates on entries relating to people born in the last 100 years. This can be achieved by entering PRIVATE in the date boxes.

If you submit a gedcom for inclusion please link your name back only to where you find your nearest relation on the database. In this way we hope to avoid unnecessary duplication.

If you find you have older data which is not yet on the database please draw our attention to this and maybe submit a separate gedcom.

At this point I would like to remind you that the original database was released on to the Internet in an effort to leave a source of information for future generations – my children, for instance, are totally disinterested and my cousin and I did not want 30 years of work to disappear with us.

Wills and Documents
On the website we have three sections for wills and documents:

1. Thomas Marchant Related Documents (68 in all)
2. Incidental Documents (85 in all)
3. Master Document

Documents are added to the end of sections 1 and 2 irrespective of chronological order whereas the Master Document contains two chronological lists (one for Marchant related and one for Incidental documents where, so far, no positive link has been established to the greater Marchant family). In my opinion the Master Document is the more valuable option as all documents can be searched electronically and possible links established.

Earlier this year the Sussex Family History Group was kind enough to donate to us a large number of will transcripts and many of these were added appropriately to the three areas mentioned above. We did not follow our usual procedure of adding genealogical notes at the foot of each will. This is now being remedied but only in the Master Document. The wills as published under 1) and 2) above will not be revised but the genealogical data pertaining to them will be found in the Master Document.

If you have any material you would like to submit under this section we would be pleased to hear from you. Equally if you would like to volunteer for transcription work please contact us under

HHSG Publications
In recent weeks we have published or re-published a number of books.

Ordering Publications - Click here please

Ongoing Projects
We are still looking for transcribers and proofreaders for our various projects. We have an active team of worldwide volunteers but a huge workload so new blood is always welcome.

Ancestral Gallery
We would be grateful for pictures to add to this area relating to anybody named in the database.

Members’ Interests
Please consider supplying us with your photograph and genealogical interests for publication in that area of our website.

Associate Membership
As of this month we have 81 Associate Members worldwide and a Core Group of 12 in Hurstpierpoint. Associate LIFE Membership still only costs £15 which can be recovered during your first visit to the website if you download one or more of the then free electronic versions of many of our publications – for serious researchers an invaluable medium as these publications can be searched electronically.

Due to the increasing size of the website we anticipate having to rent more space and to cover this and other unavoidable external costs (buying documents etc) we will be increasing the membership fee to £20 from Autumn 2006. This does not, of course, affect current members or anybody who joins us before then,

Posted on 20 Jul 2006 by Anthony Bower
New addition to General Ref Downloads - Incidental Documents
One of our members - Dr Penelope Christensen - has just donated some letters written by her Jupp ancestors when one of them emigrated to New Zealand in 1851
Posted on 04 Jul 2006 by Anthony Bower
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