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Les Misérables Schools Edition Comments
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“I can honestly say that the group of performers I worked with on the day were among the best it has been my privilege to teach and I have taught them as far a field as Aberdeen and Portsmouth! They were full of energy and commitment. They gave everything they were asked to give and as a result I felt it was a very special day. It would be invidious to single out any one person in particular but I do feel there is some exceptional theatrical talent amongst the group. I believe this will be a very good production of the Les Miserables Schools Edition and it is largely thanks to the skilled people working with these young performers. I feel very lucky to have been amongst them even for a day because I'm sure they will use what they have learnt in their workshop with me to better hone their already considerable skills."

Absolutely fantastic!!! I was blown away by the performances of all the cast on the Friday evening performance. Four standing ovations can't be bad! Well done Act Too once again another brilliant production. Here's to the next one!
Nick Osborne - Evening Presenter, Bright 106.4

Just wanted to drop a line and say again...'Congratulations' on a fabulous show. Bless their little hearts. I really enjoyed tonight.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome and for entertaining us and the audience so professionally with your excellent production. We'll definitely see you again at The Hawth in September!
RUPERT SHARP - Joseph Weinberger Limited [Rights holders]

This is the first Act Too performance that I have seen, but it will most definitely not be the last.  What an exceptional performance; I was moved to tears more than once. The singing voices were incredible and the enthusiasm of the cast outstanding.  Well done!
Nikki Chapman